An Aussie Jumped the Ditch: Day One

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When I was nine years old, I was watching the Rugby World Cup with my dad and my two brothers. Australia was playing New Zealand. The All-Blacks started performing the Haka, and nine-year-old Cassidy burst into tears, because of how moved she was and how passionate the All-Blacks were.   She told her dad that she wanted to move to New Zealand.

Clearly, that did not happen.

That aside, nine-year-old Cassidy became frighteningly passionate about New Zealand, its people and its history, and she promised herself that one day she’d visit the country. That since fostered itself into who I am now: twenty-two years old, sitting on a plane that’s headed straight for Christchurch.

I’m spending the next seven days as the travel blogger for Haka Tours’ Snow Safari. How exciting! I’ll get to go behind-the-scenes and take you inside a Haka Tours trip, showing you first-hand how great the South Island is for skiing, snowboarding and general awesomeness. I’ll put together the best footage of me shredding on the slopes, to inspire you to travel to New Zealand too.

Slight problem. I’ve never seen snow.

I’m hoping to get through the next week on sheer adrenaline and willpower alone. (And two days’ worth of beginner lessons, of course!)

We touched down in Christchurch early this afternoon, and headed to our first destination: Haka Lodge, Christchurch. It feels like a real rabbit warren; there’s storeys upon storeys of dorms, private rooms and common areas. This paragraph is coming to you from the comfort of the common room couch, and my feet are being warmed by the fireplace that the Haka team have been tending to for me. I’m thawing myself out in advance!

Tomorrow we’re up at 6am to drive for two hours to Mt. Hutt. I’ll be sure to get it all on film. And by ‘all’, I mean footage of myself stacking it face-first into the snow, approximately four hundred times.

For more information on Haka Tours, click here.



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