An Aussie Jumped the Ditch: Day Two


Gone are the days when I think of snow as clouds on earth. There go my dreams of fluffy white powder that you could curl up and enjoy an enjoyable, albeit cold, sleep.

Snow hurts. Lots.

Today we spent most of the day at Mt. Hutt. We left Haka Lodge just after 7am and set off to collect our gear, and head up to the slopes. I had my first ever snowboard lesson in the morning, and given that I know how to skateboard and wakeboard, I had already written off the lesson as a piece of cake.

I now sit on my bed at our accommodation tonight with completely stiff legs, and a rear end that is not enjoying being rested upon. It wasn’t until our tour leader took us out to the beautiful Lake Tekapo Hot Springs, and I submerged myself in a much-needed 39°C hot pool, that my knees finally started to forgive me.

Today I copped so much of a wintry hiding that I don’t know how I was whizzed past by a class full of six year olds.   Talk about a shock to the system.

That aside, I actually managed to snowboard a bit without falling on my ass and looking like a total fish out of water. It was even caught on film; this seems to be a good thing, seeing as based on my current dead-leg situation, I doubt it will be replicated with ease tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we’re heading off to Ohau in the morning. Ohau is a smaller snow field that’s about a two-hour drive from where we’re based here at Lake Tekapo tonight. I’m hoping that the fields accommodate for a twenty-something-year-old geriatric with two bad knees and a camera’s worth of epic ski field stack footage.

For more information on Haka Tours, click here.

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